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At Transline Moving, we know how important careful planning and organization are when moving from Toronto to Windsor. There are a lot of moving parts and we’re prepared to handle every one of them for a smooth transition. Whether you’re moving a home or business, our Toronto to Windsor Movers team will make sure every detail is covered.

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Toronto to Windsor Family Moving

Convenient, Flexible Scheduling

Unlike other movers, Transline Moving recognizes that it’s difficult to fit in every appointment during normal business hours. That’s why we offer a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends. We’re available when you are to provide a stress-free relocation.

Excellent Customer Service

We proudly treat every customer with respect and compassion. We understand how stressful long-distance moves can be and will do our best to ease your concerns. Our expert staff members will always answer every question with professionalism and a smile.

Long-Distance Moving Specialists

Moving from GTA to Windsor can present a whole set of challenges you won’t find with a local move, so you’ll be happy to use Transline Moving specialists to navigate the process quickly and easily.

Full-Service Movers

If you’re moving to Windsor, you’ll want a company that can handle the entire job as a complete package. We offer packing, unpacking, insurance, storage, and affordable packages to fit your budget.

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Relocation from Toronto to Montreal

I would recommend Transline moving if going for long distance. They moved me to Montreal and I hadn’t any issues with them. Everything was good coordinated. The moving was done in two days, but is not cheap. So, be ready for some expenses, but it’s worthy.

Arnel from Montreal

They were great. Highly recommend them

Another great move with Transline Moving! I've been using them for two of my moving so far and can say that these movers are professional, friendly, and affordable.

Denis from Toronto

Move to Montreal

When I hear long distance moving I think of Transline Moving. I can't imagine any other mover for this. We hire their crew when moving to Montreal and they took everything under control, keeping us up to date with the process. We didn't share the truck with other clients, the truck was clean and well maintained, and the crew was operating awesomely! I am in love with this company and will recommend to anyone with great pleasure.

Lee from Montreal

Wonderful experience !!!

Thank you for your service. It’s been awesome and pretty affordable.

Elizabeth from Ottawa
Small item moving Toronto

Any Size Moving

Large or Small, We Cover It All

Each Transline Moving truck Toronto to Windsor is sized specifically for your unique situation. Whether you have a little or a lot of furniture, boxes, artwork, computer equipment, appliances, and knickknacks, we’re prepared to handle the job with respect and professionalism. Prices are always broken down and transparent so you can stay on budget.

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Apartment Condo moving Toronto
Most Popular

Apartment or Condo Moving

Apartment or condo moving from Windsor to Toronto can really wreak havoc on your plans. Moving furniture through high-rise apartment buildings, fitting through narrow doorways and elevators, gaining access through security-managed condos, and maneuvering through busy city streets are no trouble for the skilled movers at Transline. We’re excellent problem-solvers too so even unforeseen circumstances are handled quickly and easily.

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Detached and townhouse moving Toronto

Detached or Townhouse Moving

When you search for “Movers Toronto to Windsor,” it’s important to select a company that has experience with the type of move you need. Transline Moving is qualified to move detached homes or townhouses. Single, detached housing is usually the biggest move. Your home has the most in it so our staff will set-up the biggest truck and the most movers to get the job done quickly. A townhouse will be smaller but may require coordination with your neighbours. A shared driveway or extra cars will mean some additional finesse is needed to gain cooperation for a seamless move.

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Moving Options for Any Scenario

 Basement Moving

Are you looking for more space to set up an in-home office or playroom for the kids? The basement is an underused area that tends to collect unwanted items. Transline Moving is ready to make that room usable again and will move as little or as much as you need. There’s no need to put off dragging that old, broken refrigerator up the stairs or finally purging that old camping gear, we’ll remove those discarded objects and take them to the destination of your choice. You’ll be setting up your desk or playhouse in no time.

 Storage Moving

Whether you need items moved to or from a storage facility, our movers can help. Your Toronto to Windsor movers will load up the truck with organized and labeled items for easy unpacking. We can pick up just a few boxes or empty the entire unit and move with the rest of your possessions. If you need to park some things from your home but aren’t ready to transfer them to your new property yet, we’ll move them to storage and provide a concise, itemized list so you’ll always know what’s still there.

 Packing Services

Save yourself the time and emotional turmoil by letting Transline Moving pack for you. We’ll bring all the boxes, packing materials, labels and protection you’ll need. Our experienced packers won’t be slowed down reminiscing over every photo or treasured school project. They’ll sort, label, and pack up every item for a safe transport to your new location.

Toronto to Windsor moving

About Windsor

Situated in southern Ontario on the bank of the Detroit River (opposite Detroit,) Windsor is Canada’s leading port of entry from the United States. Two tunnels, car ferries, and a suspension bridge connect the city with Detroit, Michigan. With an excellent quality of life, the city of Windsor offers cultural diversity, affordability, green spaces (over 209 parks,) waterfront access, and easy access to the U.S.

Windsor has a thriving downtown with the only Caesars casino in Canada, world-class entertainment, excellent restaurants, and a state-of-the-art aquatic complex. With easy access to the waterfront, swimming, boating, kayaking are all great activities enjoyed by residents. Housing prices are more affordable than bigger cities like Toronto and the area enjoys a low unemployment rate.

Don’t wait another minute, call Transline Moving to schedule your in-home inspection. We’ll listen carefully to your requirements and formulate the best plan of action. We want to be your movers from Toronto to Windsor, Ontario. Our expert movers will do everything possible to make your relocation a smooth and stress-free process.