Long distance moving from Toronto to Sarnia

Moving to Sarnia
Sarnia, Ontario’s stunning Blue Water Land. Sarnia is close to Detroit (USA) and London, Ontario. It is situated around the southern coast of Lake Huron, along the St. Clair River from Michigan (east side), Sarnia brings together little town friendliness and large city facilities.

Moving to Sarnia, you will enjoy the most warm weather, due to its nearness to Lake Huron . Sarnia’s climate is known as moderate. In the summer climate is little colder in comparation with other parts of Ontario, and winters are usually shorter and moderate with minimal snowfall.

Sarnia is seen as a wide financial base, inexpensive residential neighborhoods, an available waterside stretching along side shores of Lake Huron and also the banks from the St. Clair River with lots of parks, sports fields, walking trails, arenas. In Sarnia there is a significant spectator sports and entertainment facility – the Royal Bank Center (RBC) .Cultural possibilities within Sarnia are plentiful with public library, galleries, theaters, and unique events which are provided all through the year.


Some historical facts. Early within the 1830s, the very first settlers arrived in Sarnia region and established a neighborhood referred to as “The Rapids”. Later this region took the name “Port Sarnia” , becoming a town in 1856 and lately, at the beginning of 19th century – City of Sarnia.

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