How to Pack Mirrors and Glass Frames

Let’s discuss how to pack some fragile products whenever you need to move long distance, for instance, to Ottawa. Photo-frames and mirrors are usually simple to pack than some other breakable products.  The important is to get the proper packing materials.  More compact  photos needs to be placed inside of a carton; whilst bigger photos needs to be placed into a  particular box built specifically for the mirror transportation.
When you prepare the mirror carton, make use of a coating of smashed paper throughout the  box’s base to supply padding.  Size permitting, two photos of like size ought to be packed in an individual box.  Every picture really should be very carefully and separately covered with newspaper or percolate .  It’s essential that photos are packed either with their faces or with backs together  to be able to stop any marring or harm to glass.Once each photos happen to be inserted in to the package, fill out any extra room with newspaper.  Attempt to not overfill the center of the package with padding.  An over-filled box will likely be considerably bowed  and can damage the items (especially the  paintings on canvas).After you’ve finished the packaging, close up the container and lightly tremble it.  In the event you hear any shaking sound in the box, then extra paper is needed to correctly safe the articles inside it.
Marking the boxes with fragile items  is important.  Make certain that you simply label your boxes on flat areas with some information about where it comes from ( from which room and where it is going to go at your new place), as well as an pointer showing the top.  Write on your box “fragile items” all around the box. With this simple steps we guarantee you a safe arrival to your new destination of your fragile objects like mirror or glass-frames.
We wish you are happy Moving to Ottawa or any other city!

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