How Much are Your Savings on Moving ?

How to save on moving ? This question customers ask us very often. But it is better to start with another question : is it necessary to save on moving ? And won’t it turn even more expensive while “saving” ? Sometimes the wish to pay minimum cost customers too expensive. Below – the most common examples .
Usual answer on “why not to hair professional long distance movers” is  ” we better spend the extra money on something else “. However, very often in this situation this “something else” is for example, repair of furniture or even a replacement of broken stuff.  You heard that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure? Packaging is the first preventive measure to avoid damage. Just calculate how much money would you have to spend on damaged sofas and wardrobes , for example, or fridge and TV. And how much are the packaging materials ? In 5-10 times cheaper. So why not invest this amount properly?
The other moment when people do usually want to save on is  assembly and disassemble of furniture. This is not the most practical step. First, unsorted furniture harder to transport, and easier to damage.
If a piece of furniture is not positioned properly inside  the truck, on the road cabinet or sofa can literally crumble into components.
Another mistake people usually do, came from following :”Is better to rent a truck and just hire some movers separately. Services moving companies are so expensive ! “
In fact, the combination of “truck- separately , loaders- separately ” extremely disadvantageous. First – you need to coordinate them with time. Second – no one is responsible for anything . In case you find broken crystal after your move you will not who to blame.
WE strongly suggest to hire professional Long Distance Movers.
However, be aware, that some moving companies offer flat moving at a fixed price . Some costumers are happy to agree to this proposal again wishing to save. Please specify what is included in the fixed costs . It is likely that for many of the options you will have to pay separately and you will be disappointed .
Let us point you out on what you might really save your money while moving :
-Cleaning – with little effort you can clean your house by yourself.
-New packaging . Who said packaging material must be ” brand new ?” Household appliances , for example, is best carried in a “native” boxes. Many bring used cardboard and bubble wrap from work, friends and even neighbors. And there is nothing wrong with that . Even convenient – no need to choose and then look right .
-Service moving company . Many carriers offer discounts , have referral program, moving packages that include everything- boxes and vehicle, movers help and so on.

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