Moving to Montreal: Main Rules When Transporting a Leather Furniture


The rules about transferring a leather sofa differ significantly from the usual rules for the transport of upholstered furniture. Especially when you have a long distance moving, as an example moving to Montreal from Toronto. These differences are explained by the properties of upholstery . What should you know? Leather upholstery is considered less durable than fabric , it could be damaged easily . For this reason, leather furniture should be transported in a working ( operated ) position. You must not put other things on it, and it should not touch anything.

Upholstery sofa when moving can be placed vertically, fixed by other things. With leather furnishings it is unacceptable .

In the moving truck natural leather sofa needs to be positioned in a working position and separated from the inner surface of the car body with a thick cardboard.

Moving includes not only the transportation of the furniture , but also a professional and proper loading.. From movers experience and skill depends the safety of each item of your furniture .

When loading leather furnishings , it is crucial to not harm its expensive furniture upholstery while carrying.

Between the straps and trim sofa loaders are usually using sheet of flexible polypropylene to more evenly distribute the load from the seat on the sofa , that will also prevent dirt from a sofa in moments lowering furniture on the floor.

Use lot of bubble wrap. This coating will protect the best your leather sofa from any dirt. If leather furnishings do not pass freely in doorways, you should be ready to take some actions in order to minimize all possible risks.

Should you be moving in wintertime, should you be Moving to Montreal with risks of freezing temperatures, be aware that leather loses its elasticity. Experienced movers know about it , so before you bring leather furniture in the apartment, give the furniture a chance to worm up a bit in the hallway and then distribute it where you want to see it.

Transline Moving is wishing you a safe and smooth moving to Montreal or to any other city!

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