9 Moving Packing Tips from Toronto Movers


1.Makes use of the right size boxes. Place heavier items, for example books, in smaller boxes. Those items that are lighter and maybe voluminous, like pillows, goes in big boxes. It will be a good idea to use space saving bags for that too.

2. The next Toronto Movers rule says: heavy  items goes on the bottom and light ones – on top of the box. If you decided to load the truck by yourself remember to load heavy boxes first toward the truck’s entry for extra stability.

  3. Do not  leave empty spaces inside the boxes. You could always fill them with soft objects like stuffed toys, clothes, linens etc.

4. Try not to place things that comes from different rooms in same box. This will help you to save time when unpacking.

 5. Do not be lazy to tag each box. Be patient and write down whole information about what is inside and from what room. Also do not forget to mark boxes with FRAGILE items and UP and DOWN direction! 

  6. Do not be greedy using the tape. Seal the boxes well for an extra security on top and on the bottom.

  7. Be extra carefully with fine art objects! These might need a special wrapping (for example oil paintings). Frames with glass mark with an X (use masking tape) over the glass, then use paper and bubble wrap along with tape.

 8. Be careful with fragile objects. Always cover them one by one with paper and use paper in-between the objects. Never place your dishes flat, but only on their sides. Cups could be stacked one inside other first being wrapped in paper and bubble wrap.

 9.Large objects that need a special approach need to be wrapped with extra care. Toronto movers advises you to pay your attention on the TV screen, PC, printer etc. The best solution for this would be their original boxes. If you don’t have them anymore use the appropriate size ones with lot of paddling (newspaper, clothes, linens etc.)

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