Long distance moving from Toronto to St.Catharines

Moving to St. Catharines
Transline Moving is happy to help you out with your moving to St.Catharines. It is a lovely city, 51 km south of Toronto, near the U.S. border . St.Catharines is a thirteenth largest city in Ontario. Population – 131 989 inhabitants ( 2006 census) , with the suburbs – 390 317.

This settlement began its history from the 1780s . First appeared on maps in 1808, being named honoring the wife of Robert Hamilton (the local business owner) – Catherine Hamilton . In 1876, St. Catharines was given city status.

Transline Moving company is specialized on long distance moving and we are willing to provide you with a top quality service for affordable price.

We can organize your moving to St. Catharines from scratch, providing you with packaging materials and all stuff you might need for a smooth and stress-less moving.

Please contact our company in order to book an appointment with our representative, to get a free estimation and discuss all the details regarding your moving to St.Catharines.

We are proud to be your moving company should you decide to move to St.Catharines or somewhere else!

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